Wax Melt Subscription Box

£9.50 on the 3rd of each month

Our Wax Melt Subscription Box includes 6 of our signature wax melt packs and we always include a cheeky little free gift that fits the theme of the box too.

Each month, the box will centre around a different theme, with the chosen scents being a mystery until they land on your doorstep! The chosen scents will only be available in our Subscription Boxes and not available for purchase by non-subscription customers.

Regardless of when you sign up, payments will not be taken until the 3rd of each month. Boxes will then be dispatched approximately 2 weeks after payment has been taken.

For example – if you sign up on 7th April, your payment will be taken on 3rd May and you will then receive May’s box a couple of weeks later. If you sign up on the 1st May, your payment will be taken on the 3rd May and you will then receive May’s box a couple of weeks later.

Your subscription will automatically renew every month until you cancel (which you can do at any time using your account – no need to ask me or tell me, you have full control!).

First payment: 03/06/2022


Remove all packaging and place wax tart in your burner, ensuring not to overfill your burner’s capacity. 

For use in a suitable wax melt burner only, not to be used in an oil burner. 

Use with an unscented tea light. Never leave within reach of pets or children. Never leave burner in a draught. Do not move your burner whilst lit. Rest your burner on a heatproof mat away from any items which could set on fire.
Never leave your burner unattended whilst in use.
If using an electric burner please refer to manufacturer safety instructions.
Burners should be used for no more than 4 hours at a time 


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