Snuffle Balls


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Snuffle balls areĀ a great enrichment toy for dogs. Amazing mental stimulation, slow feeder, puzzle and a toy all in one! You can hide treats in between the folds of the fabric and encourage your dog to sniff them out. Perfect for dogs struggling with high arousal levels, separation anxiety and those that are bored with ordinary toys and need some extra encouragement.

Why is a snuffle ball such a great enrichment toy?
* Sniffing is a great mental and physical exercise for dogs
* Sniffing reduces stress levels and is very calming for dogs
* It can improve your dogs focus and problem solving skills
* It makes meal times more interesting
* Can be used as a distraction and decompression in stressful situations.
* And most importantly – it’s fun! Dogs love sniffing and this encourages them to do just that and get a tasty reward for their troubles.

The ball is hand-made from anti-pill fleece fabric. When it gets dirty – wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees C and air dry.


As with all pet products we recommend that you supervise your pet at all times and remove the item if it becomes damaged.


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