3 Photograph Wax Melt Burner


Customised tealight wax melt burner with your choice of 3 photographs.

Place your order for your burner and then email your required photographs to hikoscentedwax@yahoo.co.uk, ensuring to include your order number and order name in the email

Burners come individually packed in their own box – making a fantastic gift (or treat for yourself of course!)

Burner dimensions: Approx 12cm (H) x 8.5cm (W,D)

Terms and Conditions:

We are not trained in photo editing, and therefore will not make any changes to photos provided to us. This includes cropping. We will transfer the exact images that you email to us, so please ensure you have done any desired cropping, lightening or any other necessary editing prior to sending them.

For best results, photographs should be in portrait format. Photographs in landscape format will not fill the side of the burner, there will be white space above and below the photograph when transferred.

The quality of the provided photographs affects the quality of the finished products. Please bare this in mind when choosing your photos. High quality photographs taken on a quality camera will produce the best results. If you use an old photograph, or a photograph not taken with quality equipment (such as on an old phone camera or using a front facing phone camera), this will transfer in a lower quality. The same applies to photographs not taken in good natural light. If you choose these types of photographs, the photos will likely not transfer in high quality. No refunds will be offered in instances where the choice of photographs has affected the overall outcome of the transfer.

If you have a preference which side of the burner each photograph appears on, please state this when emailing the photographs across. If no preference is detailed in the email, we will randomly select which photograph goes on which side.

These burners are created using a transfer process, not direct printing. Therefore, slight discrepancies can occur with colours from that of the original image due to the inks used and the process undertaken for transfer. These discrepancies are usually minor but may be noticeable. This is beyond our control and is natural with the process we use to make the transfer.

Completed burners may be used on our social media channels for promotion and advertising. If you do not wish for your finished order to appear on social media, please state this at the checkout.

Custom product turnaround times apply to this product.

Placing an order for a burner is acceptance that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

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